Industrial Concrete Floors By Fricks

The Fricks Company has enjoyed 30 victorious years during which it has fully committed itself to providing all the honor winning concrete as well as slab innovations designed for industrial concrete floors. Having won 26 straight awards in the flatness of industrial concrete floors group, Fricks has a complete understanding of the magnitude of concrete flat flooring solutions. Of these awards is the “Contractor of the Decade” award. This simply puts them in a better spot to take into account all quality necessities of any industrial industrial floors, the durability, permanence as well as level of service looked-for to build every flat floorings. Fricks comes up with flat floors that have serviced the most demanding set ups and facilities across the US, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, South America as well as other regions as well. The Fricks Company’s industrial concrete floors meet a strict set of requirements for industrial facilities in addition to food distribution to a well pronounced extent. Industrial floors expertise with sturdiness that is ten times more than conventional concrete flooring. It might be a tragedy of gigantic proportions if you ever dreamed of setting up a durable flat floor without making use of modern construction technologies. Of the tactics employed to meet those technologically evolving demands are an ideal mix of concrete, sub-grade, joint, detail, rebar and finishing technologies in order to create an industrial concrete floor with superior durability when put up against any other flooring system. In order to meet the demand designed for flat floors, Fricks products include the FSC Advantage Shrinking Compensating Floor that has 90% less joints than the regular flat floor solution. The FDT Dewatered Traprock Floor enables Fricks to meet the strictest floor standards. A starry FMT Monolithic Traprock Floor gives durability which is commendable. The FDF Conventional Floor and the FSF Superflat Floor offer nice flat floor solutions with the latter having won more than twenty flat floor solution awards. Contact a Fricks representative for more details.